In this article I want to talk about StrictMode component and why developers should use this component.

StrictMode component

“use strict” Definition:

The “use strict” defines that java script codes should be executed in strict mode and it can indicate the codes that have been written are following best practices.

For example if you declare a variable and don’t use this variable in your codes you will see warn in your console.

Just IE9 doesn’t support this mode, but don’t worry, your application will run completely and there isn’t any problem for your application.

<StrictMode /> Component in React:

React has a component named <StrictMode/>, It is sort of a helper component that will help you write better react components. This component doesn’t render any visible UI.

An introduction to learn Preact’s What, Pros and Cons, and Differences with React.

Alternative of React

What’s Preact?

Preact is a lightweight version of react and it’s only 3kb in size. Preact is useful for projects such as “Mobile Web Applications” or “PWA” which size, speed, and perfomance has more priority, this library can be useful.

Preact is compatible with react and similar to react too, So it can be used on existing React project. For this purpose preact-compact should be used.

Preact Pros:

  • Preact is fast and light in size.
  • Preact is compatible and even encourages using htm over JSX .
  • It offers its own Server Side Rendering, routing, and other popular add-ons.
  • Preact has entire documentation and good…

Nowadays there are lots of free applications in the market which service video and audio calls and instant messaging over the web.

In this article I want to name the framework for this purpose and explain the main concepts to stablish a call between one callee and caller. In the next article I will explain how to implement an application using JsSIP and React JS according to the concepts and frameworks that I will introduce them in this article.

Consider two participants, to establish a call these steps should be passed.(We guess that callee and caller has been registered).


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